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Top 10 New Releases on Blu Ray : Feb. 9th, 2010 - Welcome!

This week: A rock solid set of 10 - it's a beautiful day when a good 80% of releases are muy watchable. Plus some great docs & music as well. We're in blu heaven...

A Serious Man ~ Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind, Fred Melamed, Aaron Wolff (2010)
The Coen Bros. outdo themselves here. Recommended.
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Maria Full Of Grace ~ Catalina Sandino Moreno, Guilied Lopez, Orlando Tobón, and Virgina Ariza (2010)
Passionate & suspenseful, Stephen King gave this one two thumbs up. Only question is - were they detached from his hands at the time?
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The Time Traveler's Wife ~ Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana (2010)
Our top choice for a Valentine's Day romantic interlude with style & nuance.
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Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic ~ Mark Hamill, Victoria Tennant, Vanessa Branch, and Graham McTavish (2010)
For those of you not into the Valentine's Day romance thing.

Running Man ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown, and Jesse Ventura (2010)
Now seen appearing in CA running from a humongous, menacing deficit.
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Bronson (Widescreen Edition) ~ Tom Hardy, et al. (2010)
Based on the life of Michael Peterson. Warning: One heavy-duty release.
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Serious Moonlight (Widescreen) ~ Meg Ryan, Justin Long, Timothy Hutton, and Kristen Bell (2010)
Meg needs a bit of therapy here. Is there a shrink online tonight?
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Dare ~ Emmy Rossum, Zach Gilford, and Alan Cumming (2010)
3 stereotypes are examined with low key yet suggestive flare. Interesting release.
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Drop Zone (Ws Sub Ac3 Dol Dts) ~ Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey, Michael Jeter, and Corin Nemec (2010)
Skydiving on the big HD? We're in! Pull the cord.
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Une Femme Mariee (Masters Of Cinema) Special Edition ~ Philippe Leroy, Bernard Noel, Rita Maiden, and Macha Meril (2010)
Two guys, one woman; it's French.
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Documentaries Of The Week: 


Becoming Human ~ Narrator: Lance Lewan ( 2010)

Lily Town (2010)


Hi Def Music Of The Week:

Bad Company: Hard Rock Live + Bonus CD ~ Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke & Mick Ralphs ( 2010)
It's the band's name, it's an album title, it's a song title, now it's a disc. We're still looking for the t-shirt.
Live reunion concert tour, circa '08.

We went back to Ohio; all we found was this.
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Let's hope this release isn't delayed 'ad infinitum' as that last '3D Reality' offer was...
More Great Concerts on Blu Ray...

SACD Of The Week

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan ~ Robert A. Zimmerman
Hybrid SACD - DSD
4.9 out of 5 stars   (48)

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