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The Top-10 New Releases on Blu Ray : June 22nd, 2010 - Welcome!

This week:  Matt Damon looks for elusive WMD's, as we look for anything fun about Tolstoy (also quite elusive).  Plus: the latest two Criterion releases & your very first disc in 3D...

In order this week:

Green Zone ~ Matt Damon, et al. (2010)
Enhanced interrogation challenge: pop this in w/ "Red Zone" on a separate screen, slip on the R-G 3D glasses & tell us it you survive the experience.
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She's Out of My League ~ Alice Eve, Jay Baruchel (2010)
We triple checked the roster; she's is not in our League (LOAB).
Rated R.
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A Star Is Born (Blu-ray Book) ~ Judy Garland, et al. (2010)
This is v1954. Not to be confused with v1932, v1937, v1940, or v1976 (Streisand). It's a popular story.
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Remember Me ~ Robert Pattinson, et al. ( 2010)
"This movie is about the ending, without being about the ending." Our curiosity is piqued...
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(Re-released today at a lower price.)
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Death Race 2000 (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) ~ David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, Mary Woronov (2010)
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The Last Station ~ James McAvoy, Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren (2010)
Nineteenth-century paparazzi lurk outside of Tolstoy's crib.
* Highly recommended.
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Red Desert (Criterion Collection) ~ Richard Harris, et al. (2010)
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Note: will be released Friday June 25th.

Note: will be released Thursday June 24th.
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